CJ brings her books to life with audiobooks. Understanding that everyone enjoys books differently, CJ wants to ensure you can listen anywhere.
CJ loves to drive. Whether she is driving long or short distances, she has never been one to turn up the music. Audiobooks are what she turns to. Pop in a good book, and she can get lost on her drive and go the distance. Understanding the purpose of a good audiobook isn't lost on her because she has listened to plenty. When she realized how important they were to the audience, she started working to cultivate some of her own. Starting with Amazon Audible, she quickly realized, what if she could get these babies in the hands of her readers directly from her? Then the dream started, and the audiobooks will be coming directly from CJ, minus a few that she couldn't resist having read by some incredible talent. We hope you will enjoy the books while you drive to work, grab a coffee, or have a long drive to your destination of choice. Either way, an audiobook takes you into a world you can only experience by reading the text.

CJ Ives Lopez Audiobooks

Listening Length: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Author: CJ Ives Lopez
Narrator: Dorothy Thompson
Listening Length: 4 Hour 16 Minutes
Author: R.LO & CJ Ives Lopez
Narrator: Tim Alexander

Auntie Nann Audiobooks

Ages: Baby - 4 yrs
Author: Auntie Nann
Narrator: Michael J. Lunney
Ages: 8-10 yrs
Author: Auntie Nann
Narrator: Katherine O'Day
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