Auntie Nann

CJ’s journey as a children’s book author began with the stories of RC Travels, which had been brewing in her mind since her early days. The dream took root in her heart during seventh grade and remained a steadfast companion throughout her life. As she embarked on her military career, she found herself blessed with incredible opportunities to explore new lands and cultures, accompanied by her faithful canine companions.
It was in 2017, upon her retirement, that CJ and her husband had a brilliant idea—to bring the adventures of Roscoe and Charlie, inspired by their own travels, to life. The birth of their great niece, Laneigha, served as the catalyst for this creative endeavor. CJ, as Auntie Nann, envisioned these stories as a way to preserve and share her military travels, but through the lens of lovable characters that children could embrace and cherish.
Through the eyes of Roscoe and Charlie, CJ’s canine heroes, children embark on extraordinary escapades in both historical and ordinary places. With boundless imagination, these furry companions become courageous heroes, inspiring young readers to dream big and find excitement in the world around them. CJ believes that dogs possess an unparalleled ability to bring joy and simplicity to everyday life, offering cuddles and unconditional love that make every moment worthwhile.
Join CJ, Auntie Nann, on her mission to ignite the imaginations of young readers. Through enchanting tales and lovable characters, she invites children to embark on unforgettable journeys and discover the magic that lies within the pages of her books.
Most of Auntie Nann’s books come from her everyday life, or a problem she feels needs solving. Keeping to the tradition of not bringing a burden on children, Auntie Nann feels children need to play and explore the world in a fun and inviting way, yet have tiny sprinkles of lessons inside the text. Allow children to be children, but teach in a way they can understand. When you do that, you can reach a child with a book.
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