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book cover for "48 hours to home" featuring a soldier dressed in tactical gear with a sandy desert background.

48 Hours to Home

Battling ghosts of war, a soldier fights for his sanity and searches for redemption on the fragile edge between two worlds.
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book cover for "25 Years to Life" featuring a couple embracing against a background of a sunset on a ranch.

25 Years to Life

In the backdrop of rural Iowa, '25 Years to Life' explores the enduring impact of a forbidden romance, weaving a tapestry of hidden truths, sacrifices, and the timeless power of [...]
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book cover for "Found in Romania", two young adult males and one young adult female.

Found in Romania

Book 2 - Embark on a journey to the Southmost Valley and the enchanting landscapes of Romania. But beware, a new presence descends on Portsville...
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We won, can you believe it? My book, the book that I poured my heart and soul into. The book that I changed covers three times and edited four times [...]
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The Book Monsters book cover.

The Book Monsters

Welcome to a world where the pages come alive with the enchanting tales of the Book Monsters! Join Silly Sally, Wiggly Winston, Clever Chloe, and their whimsical friends on a [...]
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Mamaw Mels Kitchen book cover.

Mamaw Mel’s Kitchen

Love and Community are this grandmother's love language. When someone steals Lemon Bars, she enlists her granddaughter to find the culprit.
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Heaven has Mail book cover.

Heaven Has Mail

Grieving comes in many shapes and sizes. Finding peace in words is one way to honor those who have passed. In 2021 various people participated in a project to share [...]
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