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Welcome to CJs Books, where she hides every day. Creating is her passion, and bringing stories and her precious characters to you is how she stays sane (well, most days)

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An Addict's Journey Home book cover.
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An Addict's Journey Home: The Tale of Two Sisters
Two sisters torn apart by addiction, united by hope—can their rediscovered bond survive the trials of recovery?
Melissa, once a spirited child, now an adult, is caught in the devastating grip of addiction, struggling with the shadows of a traumatic past. From craving parental love to seeking solace in substances, her life spirals into chaos, drawing her further away from the sister she once knew.
Distant yet unwavering Christina has always viewed her sister through a lens of love and concern. Despite the physical and emotional distance, her determination to reconnect grows stronger when faced with Melissa’s deteriorating condition. Their reunion brings old wounds to the surface and a flicker of hope for healing.
As Melissa fights through the labyrinth of recovery, Christina stands by her, both facing their own demons. Yet, the shadows of addiction loom large, threatening to undo the fragile threads of their rekindled connection. Their journey is a testament to the power of sisterhood against the backdrop of life’s harshest storms.
Can Melissa and Christina hold onto the fragile bonds of sisterhood and step into the light of redemption together in the face of relentless challenges?
Book cover are for The Core of Survial.

The Core of Survival

10 short stories of Women who have been through hell and back and survived. Addiction, homelessness, suicide attempts, fighting the government, and illnesses, but they fought through with resiliency and [...]
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