Coming of Age

In my opinion, the most captivating aspect of storytelling lies in witnessing a character’s evolution over time. When I began writing my first coming-of-age book, little did I know that’s precisely what it would become. It all started with a vivid nightmare (which, surprisingly, wasn’t the first time inspiration struck this way). As the day unfolded, events magically wove together, transforming the dream into a beautiful narrative.
Initially, when I ventured into marketing, I labeled it a sweet romance and later women’s fiction. However, as time passed, I realized that the story’s heart lay in the main character’s early years. Books have a unique way of finding their true essence, and we, as writers, must listen and adapt accordingly.
Every character’s journey is a work of art, and as a writer, it’s a privilege to be part of their unfolding tale. So, I’m embracing this enchanting process, cherishing the twists and turns, and allowing the characters to guide me on their adventures. After all, the heart of the story knows where it wants to go, and it’s up to us to follow its lead.

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