Roscoe and Charlie Travel to Germany

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Grade(s):  Preschool – 4

Age(s):  Baby – 10 yrs

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Roscoe and Charlie go with us every trip and adventure we take. Whether it is across the sea’s or right here in our own country. Through the years that we have had our beloved friends, they have been companions and adventure seekers. We tell the story of our travels through their eyes, the way only a dog could experience. The trip to Germany was amazing and the dogs enjoyed bringing the Christmas Spirit back to a young Girl and her Family! Experience the Love, Friendship and amazing story of Roscoe and Charlie Travel to Germany!


Roscoe and Charlie travel to Germany, book cover (part of the Traveling Dog Series).

Traveling with Ma and Pa to the Christmas markets is Roscoe and Charlie’s favorite time of year. Roscoe and Charlie become super dogs in this action-adventure story that will bring a smile to your face and help you digest all the Christmas treats.

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