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CJ's life has been an unforgettable expedition, beginning in the heartwarming community of Festus, Missouri. It was here, in the halls of her local school, that the foundation of her diverse journey was laid. Her path then took her to Indianapolis, where she embraced new experiences before embarking on a distinguished career in the United States Air Force.
Spanning two decades as an Operations Manager within the Civil Engineer Squadron, CJ's military service was a tapestry of global exploration and personal development. She traveled the world, visiting countries like Japan, Germany, England, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, and Bulgaria, along with various states within North America. These experiences enriched her perspective and fueled her passion for storytelling.
During her service, CJ's commitment to growth was evident. She earned two associate degrees in Logistics Management and Business Management, followed by a Bachelor's in Psychology. Her pursuit of professional excellence continued with a Green Belt certification in Process Improvement and a Special Education Certification, demonstrating her dedication to education and personal development.
Retiring from the military didn't mean slowing down for CJ. In 2018, she transitioned into the literary world as a published author, quickly achieving Bestselling and award-winning status. With over 20 books to her name, she has touched the hearts of readers worldwide with her captivating narratives.

November 2020 marked a new chapter as CJ launched The Authors Porch. This dynamic platform, encompassing a blog, magazine, podcast, and promotional hub, creates a nurturing space for authors to share their stories, celebrate the art of writing, and gain visibility.

CJ's passion for uplifting fellow authors has earned her respect within the literary community. As the Author Services Lead at Book Brush, she continues to support and empower authors. She also produces literary events worldwide, collaborating with esteemed brands and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the literary world.
No matter where her journey takes her, CJ is often found with a loyal canine companion at her feet and a keyboard at her fingertips, symbolizing her love for animals and relentless dedication to writing.

Stay connected with CJ's ongoing adventures and literary achievements by signing up for her newsletter and exploring The Authors Porch Magazine at www.theauthorsporch.com, where her remarkable journey and impact in the literary world are vividly showcased. www.cjiveslopez.com

Unveiling the Truth: The Secret to Success

In this eye-opening YouTube Short, I delve into the all-too-common misconception that some people seem to have it all effortlessly.
Success isn't handed to anyone on a silver platter. Instead, it's earned through consistent effort, resilience, and unwavering determination. So, if you're yearning for everything life offers, you must be ready to give everything.

Interview with Richard Kaufman & Vertical Momentum

"Interviewing Vetprenuer & Author C.J Ives Lopez l US Air Force Veteran"
Talking all things writing books and publishing.

Dropping "some serious knowledge bombs about writing,editing and publishing your first book".

Hear about my "come to Jesus moment when she joined the military and the rough start to her career that included 5 deployments."

Interview with the Connections Show

"During my recent interview on the Connections Show with Melissa Foxx on iHeart Radio, I had the privilege of sharing my journey, intertwining my identity as an author with my experiences as a veteran. This unique conversation delved into the essence of who I am, shedding light on my career in writing—how my life's stories and lessons learned in service have shaped the narratives I choose to tell. As a veteran, my experiences have not only defined my character but also influenced my perspective and voice as an author, allowing me to connect with readers on a deeper level. This interview was a heartfelt introduction to my world, where the pen and the sword have played equally pivotal roles in my life's story, highlighting my commitment to both service and storytelling.

Your Transformation Journey

"CJ is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. She spent twenty years working within the Civil Engineer Operations Management Career Field before retiring in 2017. Upon retirement, she started her author journey and published her first book at 40. Since then, she has published 20 books in total. Some are children’s books under her pen name Auntie Nann and others in multiple genres under CJ Ives Lopez. She opened her company in 2019 iLO Multimedia, RGV, LLC to continue her writing business and founded The Authors’ Porch magazine, podcast, and blog in 2020."

Celebrate the Struggle

Interview and conversation with Jennifer Hobbs about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I share my story of living in a volatile home as a child, striving to make my grandmother [proud] as she watched others treat her so poorly. After struggling in school and not sharing the same interest that my teachers expected me to have, I went on to join the military and later married another veteran.

I share my journey as I struggle with ADHD, physical ailments, and mental health challenges, I find myself in the service of others. My post traumatic growth led me to help others through my writing, the creation of a magazine "The Author's Porch". "Somebody out there needs to see you fall, and EVEN MORE they need to see you get back up." CJ Ives Lopez
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